Back in sunny Cornwall after our wonderful trip to France it’s all steam ahead with our first all Cider tasting. We are starting a regular Thursday early evening tasting to show case our products to those who can’t join us for the afternoon tours and tastings at 2pm. It seems a little unfair to be stuck at work with all this glorious sunshine and whilst we love having holiday visitors find us and try our products all our local fans need to be able to pop in and stock up too. As we head into summer sales of our ciders are growing fast and the pyramids of 5 litre and 20 litre boxes in the barn are reducing faster than Mr C can replenish them. A box of Cornish cider is about the most perfect match you could find for a Bar B Q on a Cornish beach, just make sure you take the empty bag and box home with you. Recent additions are our new Berry Cider and our Perry or Pear Cider. Please excuse me for using Pear Cider as a term, we have followed the masses and taken the lead from the National Association of cider makers who have decided perry is too confusing a name for customers to understand and have decided to promote Pear cider instead. Whatever your feeling on the name it has had a certain success at raising the profile of this fabulous drink with Pear Cider being more popular than ever before. Personally I am pleased at the rise in popularity of any Cider it’s always been my favourite drink since student days at the Cider Bar in Newton Abbot, although I do remember being a little miffed at only being allowed to order in half pints due to being female! It’s a long time since I have visited but I must find out if that’s still the rule?! I think it’s the product that counts and at Polgoon we are all about quality artisan products whatever the name. At present we produce two pear products, a still Pear cider and a method traditional Sparkling called Peren, Peren being the Cornish name for Pear. Both will be on offer on Thursday as part of our cider tasting so do come along and join us in our Cider Barn at Polgoon. Details of our first event Date: Thursday 13 June 2013 Time: 5.00pm – 7.00pm Cheers Kim