There is a real excitement in the air at Polgoon. As well as the new things for the deli we have two new bottled Cornish ciders. Our Pear and Berry Cider have done so well in bag in box for the local pubs that we have been asked to do one in a 500ml bottle. We have been trying for ages to fit it into production and are relieved that it’s finally made it on to the shelf. The first cases came across from the winery to the shop during Ben’s tour and bottles were picked up as fast as I could put them on the shelf, I gave up in the end and left some by the till. We now have Polgoon Cornish Cider, Pear and Berry 500ml to add to the Polgoon products, and as you know we have lot's of new treats in the shop so come in grab yourself a mixed case and have a look around. To top all the excitement we have 3 shiny tanks sitting in the yard waiting to be put in place. Every time I walk past them to go into the office I get a little shiver. I still can’t quite believe how fantastic everything looks in the vineyard, and even if I had no idea at all about what was happening in the fields the change in Mr C tells me everything is pretty good! The first feelings of relief at actually having a harvest are being replaced by a new found confidence and dare I say it, enjoyment! It has taken some time to get over the feeling that the bubble may burst, as it has every other year! Whilst we are proud of all the awards we have won we still so far have sold out of wine within a couple of months. Vintage 2013 is ticking all the boxes, quality and quantity and for the first time in a very long time we are actually beginning to accept this. Watch this space everyone because as we gear up to the harvest there will be lots of updates and offers coming! Speak to you soon Kim x