The Storms are brewing but so are we – apple pressing today ready to make some cider! The storms have brought an abrupt end to the festivities, luckily the damage has been minimal and just an inconvenience rather than anything too horrendous. We have lost a few branches, a few bits of fencing and posts and one beautiful eucalyptus tree came down taking with it the phone lines. This caused a little difficulty as it also took out the card machine in the shop. Thank you to all the lovely understanding people who either went down the road to the cash point or called back with payment, and a big apology to everyone for the nuisance it caused. Bottles of Cornish Sparkling are a popular choice for both Christmas and New Year. Our Raspberry Aval, a light fresh sparkling well suited to Cornish Summer days flies off the shelves during the holidays, it’s a good match for all the rich food and with a light alcohol of 7% a good choice to balance some of the festive excesses! The amount of rainfall has made getting around the fields really difficult and for the first time Mr C has taking some holiday rather than rushing out on Boxing day to begin pruning. We are still waiting to see if the waterlogged orchard will clear enough for us to hold our annual Wassail, a feast held to celebrate the previous harvest and encourage a good harvest for the coming year. As well as the weather delaying his vineyard antics there’s lots to do in the winery so perhaps a holiday is an exaggeration! I understand the need to be there so much, after such a long wait for a decent harvest it’s so exciting to have wine moving through the processing to final bottling and labelling. Our 2013 Red wine with its beautiful new label just made it on to the shelf on the Friday before Christmas, already there is a sizeable hole in the stock we have, rightly so as both wine and label are stunning. The new tanks and refrigeration are all in place, not that any temperature control has been needed! As well as wine Mr C has some rather special single apple variety cider bubbling away, the cool weather have meant a long slow ferment and the product when finished will be exceptional. Our cider production is as important to us as our wine production and its given the same care and attention. All in all 2013 was a reasonable year and with some fantastic products on the verge of release, 2014 is looking to be very very exciting. A Happy New Year to all from all the Polgoonies!