I was just about too boast about the Polgoon spring that briefly showed itself, however I seem to have spoken too soon and once again we were hit with wind and rain last night! We were lucky with the storms, although we had trees down, no one was hurt and the vines are just about clinging on. The tractor shed however is feeling slightly sorry for itself, but on a positive note the little red tractor was unharmed. For some good news, our first still white wine from 2013 harvest is about to be bottled, a Seyval Blanc Ortega blend from Polgoon grapes, its light fruity and well balanced. The boss has also quietly admitted that he thinks his Seyval Ortega is the best still white wine he’s produced so far. The Polgoon 2013 Red wine, which is a single variety Rondo is already bottled and in the shop so for those who prefer a red or just can’t wait for the new vintage, come and have a taste. We are gearing up for the season now, the shop is getting noticeably busier, the vineyard is coming out of hibernation and even the chickens seem to be loving the increasing sun light because they are laying like crazy! When the sun pops out I will go and take some pictures of the Polgoon daffodils for you, in the meantime come and get your eggs and milk or I will be eating omelettes all next week! Speak to you soon Emma