Georgia and I have been bud rubbing. It’s one of the first jobs of the Spring. As the shoots start to appear on the vines we have to face the back breaking task of removing any of the tiny buds that appear around the base at the trunk of the vine. These shoots, if left to continue growing will sap energy from the fruiting canes that are growing above. A vine grows at an amazing and vigorous pace through the summer season but it’s really important to us that this growth is focused in the correct area in order to achieve the right results at harvest time. Our first early morning walk with our new Polgoon puppy is shortly after 7am each day and Georgia as the youngest, age 8 and first to wake every single day always accompanies me, rain or shine. We have started in the old vineyard and race each other up the hill tackling a row of vines each, we only do a couple of rows each per walk but that’s enough to make my back ache. Georgia being much closer to the ground finds it easier to knock off the tiny little buds that are emerging on the trunk of the vine just a few inches above ground level. Altogether we have 160 rows of vines so it’s going to take us quite a few walks to get around the whole lot. Puppy and Georgia’s energy levels are a lot higher than mine but the exercise is better than any gym work out I could do and I am hopeful as the weeks progress that such activity will make me a little fitter. Now there is something to see in the vineyard our winemakers tours have started again. Tours have started a little later than normal due to the amount of work needed to put the vineyard straight after the storms earlier this year. Everything is now neat and tidy and all the damaged trees have been removed and made safe, not a small job by any means. We have enough wood from fallen trees to last a few generations. It’s really exciting to be at the start of the season with everything prepared and all to be done as we head through from now to the most important event of our year, harvest 2014. Hope to see you soon, thanks for reading Kim!