It is ever nearing school summer time and subsequently our busiest time here at Polgoon. You don’t need me to tell you just how hectic our county can be in the tourist season and thankfully we are more equipped to deal with the numbers than ever before. Our vineyard shop and deli is looking better than ever with a complete refurbishment, the winery team is working full tilt to get all the stock ready and we are back to our full family complement with Ben back from University and running the tours regularly again. Up in the fields the vineyard is looking happy and healthy, with many varieties already into flowering. It is worth mentioning that flowering is one of the tensest times of the year for us as particularly poor weather can damage the flowers and prevent the pollination process, unfortunately this can affect how much of the fruit ripens. We aren’t superstitious here but I won’t wax lyrical about our bountiful harvest until the fruit is safely picked – although the potential crop is mouth-watering.

With the success of promoting English wine week alongside Furliegh and Oatley vineyards at River Cottage, and the launch of our 2013 Madeliene Angevine dry white wine, it is a fantastic year for involvement in the English wine industry. We have wines still yet to be put out on the shelves, all at various stages of the process. Two more still whites and our first every sparkling to come ensure that English wine week is just the beginning of an exciting summer season for us – and that’s just the wines.  

The team is working extra hours to keep on top of the stocks of the rest of our products – ciders, scrumpy, juice, presse and the list goes on. There is barely time to enjoy the weather here on the farm and it‘s hard having the daily walk past our little fishing dinghy, Betty, sat on the driveway pleading with us to while away the sunshine hours catching dinner on the bay. The end result of all the hard work keeps everyone going and occasionally dipping into the stock to enjoy a Cornish cider at the end of the day helps. Betty will just have to be patient.