It is all flourishing here at Polgoon, the release of our first ever sparkling white is almost upon us, veraison is underway in the vineyard and we have orders coming out of our ears!

Our excitement at having a new wine nearly on the shelves is matched with equal, if not more, excitement about events in the vineyard; here at the very tip of Cornwall we often suffer with damp wet weather through June and July which is our most crucial time as the vines go through flowering. This year our vines have been basked in wonderful, warm sunshine and are flourishing. We are moving through veraison, which is the term used of the ripening of grapes, most noticeable with our red grapes, as the grape changes colour to that wonderful deep red.

I have been taking daily photos to show how quickly the grapes change colour and have had to change to twice daily photos as to our amazement they are showing differences within just a few hours. Veraison occurs over 5-7 days and our grapes are generally ready for harvest 6 weeks from completion of veraison. Although not all of our grapes are at this point, we have 8 different varieties planted in different areas of the farm the fact that any at all could be ready so early in the season is alarming.

The vineyard is truly looking spectacular, we are still amazed that we are so lucky to be able to grow vines in Cornwall let alone have a vineyard as our garden! It is definitely worth coming and having a look for yourselves , please join us on our winemaker's tour on a Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 2pm, walk around the vineyard and finish up with 5 tastings or our Polgoon wines and ciders, I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon.