We love our wine and our food, a glass of chilled Polgoon Rose with a crab sandwich or a glass of sparkling Raspberry Aval with a small ‘ish’ bar of dark chocolate on a summers day is hard to beat. We also love our cider so we thought the best thing to do is to create a cider that matches perfectly with food! It is a special blend of two apple varieties that Mr C has carefully balanced to maintain a light acidity similar to a quality wine. This balance makes our cider ideal for pairing with food. A completely unique cider with a refreshing apple taste and a light sparkle makes it enjoyable any time. We have so far tried it with homemade pasties, a Sunday roast pork joint and a fragrant Thai curry. It has worked with everything so far enhancing the flavour beautifully. We have found it best served in a small wine glass to make the occasion feel special, the shape of a wine glass also shows off the bubbles in the cider. It’s much lighter than wine which, suits a Sunday lunch time or mid-week supper and the bottle with its black and gold label look as good as any wine bottle on the dining table. I haven’t found the perfect chocolate to go with it yet but will keep tasting and trying and let you know when I have the perfect match! We introduce to you our Polgoon Gold, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 7% Vol 75cl bottle Enjoy Polgoon Gold with any occasion but please drink responsibly.