We all like something a little bit special at Christmas time, a treat that we can enjoy with family and friends. Our range of wines are definitely something a bit special and we have put together a short video on the best way to enjoy them.

Just to recap because of the Turkey’s low fat content you need a wine with little tannin in it. Tannins react with fat and oil so the absence will make a heavy wine very harsh. Our Rondo & Pinot Noir Red Wine is the perfect match because it’s light and fruity with little tannin.

For Duck or Goose because of the high fat and oil you need a wine with high acidity and, or with high sweetness. Our Ortega & Seyval Blanc bland has the high acidity and because we have slightly oaked it that has brought out a honey flavour that makes it a great match for those meats.

Vegans and vegetarians could say they are the most fortunate enjoy a range of wines but if you are going for a nut roast, the rich flavour needs a pretty substantial wine so either the characterful Bacchus or our fruity Red would be a perfect match.

Next week I will focus on our sparkling wines so stay tuned.