Last week I went to an event in Truro hosted by As One Talks at The Old Bakery. The room of 20 people listened to two speakers, Elly Owen, Head Sommelier at Fifteen and Ernie Capbert, Co-Founder of Finisterre and Who Buys Your Stuff. They both shared a handful of their experiences and then discussed the stories and influences that came from those experiences.

It got me thinking about the grape and its journey to become a bottle of wine. A bunch of grapes has a fairly special life with many factors and experiences effecting how it ends up. From weather, insects, human influences, chemical influences, soil and location to name a few. They all have an effect on how one little grape ends his story.

Pruning is the first activity that takes place in the vineyard and one of the biggest. You have to take into consideration many different factors to firstly have a crop of grapes and then turn them into a bottle of wine!

Because it is quite hard to explain I took a video of a pruning master class with Mihai, our vineyard manager. First he selects 4 or 5 of the canes making sure they are on wood that isn’t too old. He also selects canes so the vine is balanced, with the heart of the vine opened for circulation and to allow light in. He then carefully bends the canes, twists them three times, being careful of the new buds, and ties them down into a 4 cane vertical shoot system that we use here at Polgoon. That is a canopy management system which is another blog for another time. This long and tiresome job during the coldest month of the year is the start of the season and the start of the journey of the grape.

My favourite part of the grapes journey is that its story doesn’t just end there. The stories continue to be created by the friends or partners that share that bottle of wine together. Valentine’s Day is a great time to create those stories and memories.

We have a delicious still Rosé with a selection of our favourite Raw Chocolate Pies, a beautiful sparkling Pinot Noir and the Locals favourite Aval Raspberry and chocolates.

Go on treat your loved one!