We all like something a little bit special at Christmas time, a treat that we can enjoy with family and friends. We’ve put together a Polgoon Cornish Christmas Menu pairing traditional Christmas dishes with the best suited wines and ciders.


If you like to start your morning with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, there’s no better partner than a dry sparkling wine. There’s also no better way to kick start Christmas morning than with a glass of bubbles. So as not to overpower the smoked salmon, you want a crisp, dry and light wine with a bit of acidity to cut through the saltiness. We’ve chosen our very contemporary, well-balanced fruity:

2014 Seyval Blanc Sparkling White Wine


Quite often the wine and food pairing rules don’t apply to English wines due to their unusual varieties, the cooler climate and our wine making techniques. It’s what makes it all the more fun! This next wine match is an example of this. We usually gravitate toward a dry, crisp white wine when it comes to seafood but we have found that against the seafood flavours of the crab and prawns our very fruity, off dry, crisp Rosé is perfect.

2014 Rondo & Pinot Rosé Wine


On to the main course! The nations favourite – turkey!  And we just happen to have the most perfect wine to pair with it. Due to turkey’s low fat content, you need a wine with just a little tannin in it. Tannins react with fat and oil, so the absence will make a heavy wine very harsh. Our Red Wine is the perfect match because it’s light and fruity with little tannin.

2016 Rondo Red Wine


Christmas pudding is a tricky one to match because of all the rich flavours. We’ve gone for our truly unique Raspberry Aval. To produce this product we’ve used the Method Traditional, but instead of using grapes we’ve used apples with infused raspberries. The fruit driven, high acidity is just right to cut through the richness of both the cake and the Cornish clotted cream.

Polgoon Raspberry Aval


This next match needs little explanation and just feeds your imagination! We love a honey roast ham to snack on during the evening and we couldn’t think of anything better to pair it with than a Polgoon cider. A lightly sparkling, fruit driven, dry cider will offset the sweetness of the ham.

Polgoon Gold Cider


For these two treats we’ve gone for our rather special Pinot Noir Rosé Sparkling. The dry, high acidity of this sparkling is perfect to cut through those brandy-rich soaked fruits and the bitterness of the dark chocolate.

2013 Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé


In the Polgoon household we could eat cheese all day, every day, especially throughout the festive period! We have a very unique wine here at Polgoon which is great with cheese. The blending of the two varieties of grape and the light oaking makes the flavours a great match for all sorts of soft, strong or mild cheeses.

2014 Seyval Blanc and Ortega White Wine

If you are going for a vegan or vegetarian option such as a nut roast, the rich flavour needs a pretty substantial wine, so either the characterful Bacchus White Wine or our fruity Red Wine make a perfect match.

2016 Bacchus White Wine or 2016 Rondo Red Wine

We hope this was helpful and you all have a lovely Christmas. Remember that all  Polgoon wines and ciders are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Watch Emma with her simple festive food and wine pairing ideas!