As part of a campaign by the marine conservation group Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), our hometown, Penzance, was the first town in the UK to have been given “plastic-free coastlines approved” status.

To win this status, Penzance had to complete five objectives set out by SAS such as setting up a steering group and organising beach cleans across West Cornwall – some of which we took part in. The town’s status was confirmed after Penzance town council passed a motion pledging to support all plastic-free initiatives in the area.

One of our New Year’s Resolutions for 2018 is to create a Plastic Free Pledge at Polgoon beginning with a boycott on single-use plastics.  This is a big challenge for us, but one which we feel truly passionate about as we have such a strong connection to the sea, our environment and the elements.

As part of our pledge to be Plastic Free and to attain our own Plastic Free Coastline Status we will:

  • Replace all our plastic carrier bags with new ‘bag for life’ canvas ones
  • We won’t use plastic straws or drinks stirrers in our Vine House Kitchen
  • There will be no plastic bottles sold in the vineyard shop – all of our bottles are glass
  • Encourage all of our shop suppliers to find alternative packaging solutions
  • Polgoon will be a water refill centre – Refill is a free tap water initiative designed to reduce plastic pollution and promote healthy hydration by making refilling a water bottle easy, social and rewarding!
  • We will encourage people to use their own coffee keep-cups in our Vine House Kitchen: buy a keep-cup and get a take-away coffee for free!
  • We will provide recycling bins outside our shop – paper, plastics, general
  • We will use biodegradable tasting cups at all our shows and sampling events

This is a lifelong commitment by Polgoon to become Plastic Free and we will continue to look at all areas of our business in an attempt to reduce any unnecessary use of plastic.