On Friday 23 February at 7pm a dinner will be held at Senara, in Penzance,  to raise funds for a local student research expedition to the rainforests and reefs of Honduras for Operation Wallacea. Millie Coulson, the daughter of Polgoon owners John and Kim Coulson, and fellow student Isabel Upton, will be taking part in this expedition starting in July 2018.

For this very special, one-off, fund-raising event an exciting and adventurous menu inspired by the food and flavours of South America will be created by Head Chef, Andy Carr supported by three top student chefs from Senara catering college, Penzance.



Pollock ceviche, rocoto tigers milk, mizuna, purple potatoes

Rocoto tigers milk is a fermented chilli based sauce using onions, cumin, coriander, chilli and sheeps curd. The Peruvian name translates to ‘tigers milk’ and ‘rocoto’ means red


Mole-cured smoked ox cheek, aji sauce, quinoa, corn textures

Mole-cured – ‘mole’ is a Mexican marinate/sauce essentially made from peanuts, chocolate and various chilli’s. It is then matured, using clay pots, similar to the kimchi method.  It’s used to marinate meat.

Aji sauce – aji is a very fruity yellow chilli from the Amarillo family.  The sauce is made from smoking and roasting these chillis and yellow peppers with lots of garlic and then blending with lime juice and fresh coriander

– or choose the vegetarian option –

Augbergine Tacu Tacu Quechua

An aubergine dish with feta, garlic, coriander, butterbeans and black quinoa


Picarones, honey, blue potato crisps & Senara Trink curd

Picarones are sweet potato and squash bengiets.  Like a doughnut, but made with sweet potato and squash puree



The forests of Central America are some of the most species diverse forests in the world partly because they are the meeting point of two great faunas – those from North America and those from South America, which have evolved separately over millions of years.  The Opwall survey teams have been working in the cloud forests of Cusuco Park since 2003 and the data produced has resulted in the Cusuco Park being listed in the top 100 most irreplaceable forest sites in the world and in the top 25 most important sites for the protection of amphibians.

In the Caribbean there are a number of core issues that have been affecting the biodiversity of the coral reefs. Opwall has two monitoring sites in Honduras where they are exploring the best ways to protect the reefs throughout the region by collecting data to assess ecosystem change, alongside research to address gaps in our current understanding of tropical marine ecosystem function.

Tickets:  £20 for 3 courses including  a welcome drink from Polgoon Vineyard from 7pm and live music by the Pendans Players.

Dining at 7.30pm | Wine available to buy on the evening from £12.50/bottle | Spaces are limited so it’s pre-booked tickets only.


As this is a charity event tickets can only be purchased in the Polgoon Vineyard Shop | Cash only please| Menu choice and any special dietary requirements must be notified at time of booking