Did you know that the very first wine ever produced at Polgoon was a Rosé? In 2006, when we first decided to start our Cornish vineyard adventure, we won the Waitrose Trophy for Best Still Rosé in the UK.

A lot has changed since then…We’ve added a greater variety of still and sparkling wine as well as ciders and fruit juices.

Having said that, our Polgoon Rosé holds a very special place as it introduced us to our customers and paved the way to where we are now.

But there are more reasons on top of our more personal one why we believe you should try our Polgoon Rosé!

Rondo And Seyval Blance Rosé
Polgoon Rondo And Seyval Blance Rosé
  1. You can literally drink it right this second.

No need to hold this wine for a few years or “cellar” it. Because Rosé wines are released when they’re meant to be to be consumed — so buy a bottle, chill it, and pop it that night!

  1. It’s the perfect brunch wine.

Rosé is possibly the best wine to drink with your brunch surrounded by friends and family.

The white wine structure in Rosé doesn’t overpower, while the bit of red fruit heightens aromatics.

You can also freeze Rosé into ice-cube trays, and pop a few into your seltzer. The ice will slowly melt and enhance your drink.

  1. It’s the perfect wine to drink with friends.

Rosé is probably the most unpretentious and democratic of all wines. No other wine better captures joie de vivre than Rosé. Rosé is the lighthearted wine to drink up.

  1. It pairs well with everything.

With the structure of white wine and some of the aromatics of red wine, Rosé is incredibly versatile and can pair with everything from salads to pizza to barbecue.

If you’re out to dinner, and your friends all order a different meal, open a bottle of pink wine — it’ll pair harmoniously with anything on the table.

  1. It’s just delicious, plain and simple.

Visit our online shop or if you’re in the area our vineyard shop and try our delicious Rondo And Seyval Blance Rosé.