To mark International Women’s Day, Kim introduces the most important women in her live who make and shape Polgoon.

“My Mum, known as Grandma to all at Polgoon lives here on the farm with us. It is hard for me to believe she will be 80 this year. My Mum has always been a formidable force”.

“They say behind every great man is a great woman and I wholeheartedly agree with every word in this statement. My dad is great man and right behind him all the way is my mum. 

I am one of 4 daughters and our mum has always instilled us with the belief we can do anything. As I get older (now with 3 grandchildren of my own!) I am more aware of the strength my mum has both physically, she keeps chickens, horses, lets rooms, helps grandad with his bees and making honey, and supports us all tirelessly, and mentally; she does all of this with a smile and still has time to always have a cake made ready”. 

“I am lucky that my parents live close by on the farm at Polgoon so we can see them from afar, but both Mum and I have really struggled with not been able to spend time with the little ones”.

“We have 3 grandchildren now. Esther, who lives nearby, Alfie who was born in April last year and who we have only seen for a few hours due to lockdown and Rowan who also we have only seen for a few hours and is now 3 months old”.

“We have, like so many, desperately missed not being able to be together as a family. Not being able to hug them and see them as babies changing so quickly, read a story or play with Esther even though she lives so closely, has been so difficult. We cannot wait to be able to share all the normal family things again and spend time with Esther and our other children and grandchildren”.

“Our own four daughters are all in around Penzance although only Georgia the youngest is at home”.

“Georgia too helps us on the farm, she is 14 so cannot serve alcohol but helps with cleaning, the shop and outside area as well as checking the tour route when we are able to operate tours, clearing anything that needs tidying, rogue branches that might trip someone up and generally making sure the route is looking it is best”.

“Her real passion is dance and she hopes to study in London and is currently on a national intensive dance programme for 11–18-year-olds who display exceptional potential and passion for dance. Georgia is shortly to have her yet another birthday during lockdown!”

“Georgia misses her sisters too; we have a route for our daily walk that takes us past Daisy’s flat so we can wave up at the window while Daisy is at her desk working. Millie is in her last year at Bristol university studying conservation and ecology and helping us her at Polgoon with covering click and collect whilst the Shop is closed due to covid. She is also a real ninja when it comes to packing up parcels for our online sales which have been so important to keeping us afloat during this pandemic”.

“Like many students all her lectures are currently online, but she is hoping to head back to Bristol shortly as some of her classes take place in the zoo which she really enjoys”.

“Emma, our eldest, and chief tour guide has missed showing people around and talking about all things Polgoon although with a wonderfully busy 2-year-old has not had much spare time. Esther is now 2 and loves being outside so we are hopeful she will grow up to help in the vineyard and embrace our love of both the vineyard and winemaking”.

“She has definitely inherited her Great Grandmas feisty spirit and can-do attitude”.