Ethical and Social Statement

Our mission at Polgoon is to create high quality products using the best locally sourced ingredients. Our award winning Wines and Ciders are made using traditional artisan methods along with a bit of Cornish inspiration to create an exciting innovative range of products. Take a look at at our full range of Cornish Wine, Cider and Fruit Juice

Our inspiration and flare for quality comes from living in (What we think) is the most beautiful place in the world. We take great care in preserving our environment and considering our impact and work as a team to ensure that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Polgoon has a strict recycling policy; we work closely with our customers and external team to ensure we reduce transport and packaging, such as using recycled carrier bags. We also recycle our grape pressing waste into food for the cows that live on the farm next door.

A great feature at Polgoon is our bees. The world bee population is in decline. Although bees are not needed to pollinate our vines, (they are self-pollinating) we know how important they are to the world as a whole and are lucky enough to have 6 working bee hives on site.

Although not registered as organic we have not sprayed any insecticides on site in the 11 years that we have been here. We believe it’s important to introduce beneficial insects into the vineyard such as ladybirds.

What you can do to help:

Buy local where and whenever you can. Locally sourced products are often the best quality and value for money too.

Do your bit by not relying on the trusty old plastic bag; how about buying a Polgoon Jute Bag! We have pink, green or an earthy brown colour, useful not only for carrying your Polgoon cider, but also your fruit and veg.

Please recycle our bottles after you have finished enjoying our wine and ciders, it’s a small price to pay to protect this wonderful Cornish Countryside.