River Cottage

12 years ago Polgoon and River Cottage formed a relationship that resulted in the creation of a delicious elderflower sparkling wine.

Made at Polgoon in Cornwall, the River Cottage Sparkling Elderflower is made using the traditional artisan methods of sparkling wine production. After a first in-tank fermentation, this wonderful, unique wine is bottled and these bottles are then laid down for up to a year. During this time a secondary fermentation takes place which produces a quality sparkling wine with a persistent mousse of tiny bubbles.

This lovely sparkling wine is infused with elderflowers, to produce a floral sparkling wine that is perfect for any special occasion.

Launched at the River Cottage Spring Festival it’s now a regular feature at the River Cottage Canteens and Delis, along with a selection of Polgoon ciders and fruit juices.