River Cottage

Five years ago both Polgoon and River Cottage formed a relationship that resulted in creating a delicious elderflower sparkling.

It took a lot of work to perfect the product and a lot of tastings were endured to get the perfect blend, but both teams were very excited to be part of this unique process and enjoyed following the wine making steps through to drinking the finished glass of River Cottage Sparkling Elderflower.

Made at Polgoon, a small boutique vineyard & Orchard in Cornwall, the River Cottage Sparkling Elderflower is made using traditional artisan methods of sparkling wine production. After a first in-tank fermentation, this wonderful, unique wine is bottled and these bottles are laid down for up to a year. During this time a secondary fermentation takes place which produces a quality sparkling wine with a persistent mousse of tiny bubbles just like a premium quality sparkling wine.

This lovely sparkling wine is infused with elderflowers grown on the farm and also on neighbouring farms.The end result is refined floral Sparkling Wine perfect for any occasion.

Launched at the River Cottage Spring Festival it’s now a regular feature at the River Cottage Canteens and delis, along with a selection of Polgoon’s ciders and fruit juices.

The partnership has been a great success and strong friendships have been developed along the way.